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How do I request Form I-9 service?

Select the desired Service Type (usually, “Full Form for a New Hire); enter the employee’s contact information; your contact info; and the company information needed to complete the I-9 Certification section. You will also indicate whether or not your organization participates in the E-Verify program.

Should I create a user account?

You can use our I-9 service without a user account; just fill in the blanks. However, you should create a user account if you need to submit multiple service requests or plan to use this service in the future. A user account saves and enters your contact and company info for you.

You must create a user account if you use our service by contract with premium features enabled, or if your company participates in E-Verify via our agency.

Create an account

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I already use E-Verify. Can I use this service to complete Form I-9?

Yes, our service will return to you a correct and legally-completed I-9. You will then use the info from the form to verify your new hire in E-Verify.

With our premium service, you can completely offload the I-9 process. We can complete the I-9 and then the E-Verify verification at no additional cost!

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I have more questions.

We welcome your questions about our Form I-9 and E-Verify services. Contact us today to learn more!

Are you unable to submit the service request? Please contact us here for assistance.